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Broad Bookkeeping Support in Fairbanks, AK

The success of any company begins with a successful bookkeeping approach. Our firm’s founder and bookkeeper, Traci Marrs, covers this process and more so that you may focus on growing your business. Golden Heart Bookkeeping, LLC provides thorough bookkeeping services in Fairbanks, North Pole, and the surrounding areas.

Customized and Precise Services

As an experienced bookkeeper, Traci knows how to keep a company’s financial records clean and organized. Her close attention to detail lets her make sure the records and documents your office regularly uses are completely accurate. She is even familiar with operating a number of accounting software platforms, including specific programs unique to a given franchise or industry. With this wealth of knowledge, she provides bookkeeping services to a greater number of businesses in a more customized manner.

However, keeping your books balanced is not just limited to working closely with your general ledger and financial statements. Our Fairbanks bookkeeper also provides certain accounting services, including:

  • Account Tune-Up and Training for QuickBooks Desktop & Online Platforms
  • Insurance Audits
  • Support for Payroll Management and Taxes
  • Administrative Services

Additionally, she can help provide some financial support on a personal level for sole proprietorships and partnerships. Your personal money is at stake for business debts if your business is one of these entities. We will help organize your personal financial records to facilitate comprehensive asset management and the personal tax services you plan to obtain.

An Extensive Network of Experts

The services we provide are extensive and customizable, so most of our clients get the exact assistance they need from us directly. Still, there are situations where a company requires specialty services, such as investigating embezzlement or resolving a large debt caused by too many credit cards.

Traci can help you with these complex situations. Many business owners don’t know where to start looking for help, so she handles this step for them. Our bookkeeper often connects clients with the right professional who can provide the additional service they'll need in these complex situations. 

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Golden Heart Bookkeeping, LLC offers bookkeeping, accounting, and business tax services to Fairbanks and beyond. For more information about the various ways we help your business operate successfully, call us and schedule a free consultation today. 

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