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We offer a broad range of services to help you secure a sound financial future. You've worked hard to get where you are. You deserve a firm that works hard for you.

Our Values

The Values of Our Fairbanks, AK Firm

A bookkeeping or accounting firm is able to provide effective service when it follows a set of values behind those functions. Golden Heart Bookkeeping, LLC ’s ability to provide thorough, professional bookkeeping services to Fairbanks, North Pole, and the surrounding communities is made possible by following the attribute we believe lead to the success of our clients.

An Honest Business Partner

Integrity and diligence matter most when evaluating your company’s books. Even if the numbers behind a business are not what the owner wants to see, making sure those numbers are in complete accordance with all little details of business operations is the only way to improve operations and prevent problems with the federal and state governments.

At our Fairbanks bookkeeping firm, our honest and thorough approach is valued by clients. We carefully examine every facet of your company’s operation to make sure we are balancing your books based on accurate information.

Collaboration with Other Financial Professionals

A bookkeeper is often called to support other financial professionals who help the same businesses they serve. They help organize and streamline the items that a CPA needs to examine. Whether a bookkeeper is willing and able to provide this assistance is crucial to the well-being of their clients.

Golden Heart Bookkeeping, LLC has significant experience in assisting CPAs when they conduct complex tasks, and we look forward to helping people help you succeed.

We are also sometimes hired to carefully examine a company’s general ledger to demonstrate cash flow. When our careful examination of the books produces evidence of embezzlement, we provide reports demonstrating the discovered inconsistencies and provide them to a specialist investigating the same case. What could have been a more complex situation became easy for the CPA to solve because of the support our bookkeeping firm was able to offer.

Changing Our Tools to Help You

A bookkeeper also works frequently with their clients to balance the books together. Many of our clients happen to use QuickBooks®, a fully customizable accounting software program. In order to make sure we can help our clients as effectively as possible, our firm gladly helps them use QuickBooks, varying our approach to better serve them.

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Golden Heart Bookkeeping, LLC provides bookkeeping in Fairbanks and beyond by focusing on these values. If you are looking for a firm whose values places your business’ success as a top priority, we are the company for you. For more information about our approach to helping companies succeed, call our firm and schedule a consultation today.

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