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Payroll Solutions in Fairbanks, AK

Payroll is a basic function of every company, and most businesses need help making sure they successfully complete this task. When you hire our firm to handle your bookkeeping, our services include supporting you in this function.  Golden Heart Bookkeeping, LLC provides payroll services in Fairbanks, North Pole, and all surrounding communities.

Payroll Tax Preparation

One of the most critical areas of payroll is filing quarterly tax reports and payments. If these are sent late or with significant errors, the IRS can impose strict penalties on the business and its owner.

Our Fairbanks firm helps with every step of the payroll tax process. Golden Heart Bookkeeping, LLC can prepare and send all quarterly payroll tax filings to the IRS on the correct schedule. If our clients receive any correspondence from the IRS, especially those that present questions concerning tax realities, we will handle the communication to provide a timely, accurate response.

Payroll Form Drafting

Accurate payroll tax filing, as well as general bookkeeping and accounting, relies on precisely drafting the forms sent to the IRS and your workforce. Golden Heart Bookkeeping, LLC ensures that your records stay accurate by drafting all necessary payroll forms. At year-end, we generate the W-2s and 1099s you need to send to your employees and hired contractors, and we prepare and file Forms 1096 with the IRS and W3 with the SSA as well. We also make sure your company’s 940 is accurately prepared so you can file your federal unemployment tax return at year end without issue.

QuickBooks Integration

Many businesses prefer to use QuickBooks to handle their standard bookkeeping, as well as to record their payroll information. QuickBooks is an accounting software with multiple platforms, from the traditional QuickBooks Desktop system to the increasingly popular QuickBooks Online. To make sure all payroll functions are based on accurate information, our bookkeeper uses this software with our clients.

With over 35 years of bookkeeping experience at our disposal, Golden Heart Bookkeeping, LLC knows how to navigate your records on QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. We can easily and efficiently review your payroll information to make sure it is accurate. All payroll filings and form drafting provided by our firm are be based on precise information verified through QuickBooks records.

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Golden Heart Bookkeeping, LLC offers payroll support in Fairbanks and to all nearby areas. We help you complete this function of business management by making sure all information you record and file stays accurate. For more information, call our firm today. 

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