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  • Add New EE $12.50ea
    Admin Business Services $50.00/hr
    Annual Payroll Tax Form - 940 Futa $70.00
    Annual Tax Forms:1099-Misc, 1096 $15.00 ea
    Bookkeeping Services $70.00/hr
    Certified Payroll $75.00/hr
    Computer Software Support $45.00/hr
    Consultation/Advisory Services $65.00/hr
    Credit Counseling $70.00/hr
    Forensic Work (Research/Cleanup) $80.00/hr
    Initial Consultation $0.00
    Insurance Audit $70.00/hr
    Internal Review $75.00/hr
    Meeting $38.00/hr
    New Business Set-up $150.00 pkg
    New Client Set-up $75.00 pkg
    Notary $7.50
    On-Premises A (Client) $55.00/hr
    On Premises B (Client) $75.00/hr
    Payroll:1-2 EE Payroll $30.00
    Payroll:3-5 EE Payroll $50.00
    Payroll:5 - Over Payroll $50.00 plus $10 each thereafter
    Payroll Administration $70.00/hr
    Payroll/Tax Reconciliation $70.00/hr
    Phone Consultation $30.00/hr
    Quarterly Tax Forms $85.00 pkg
    Quarterly Tax Forms:Zero Return $25.00
    Resale Certificate $350.00
    Set-up QuickBooks $100.00 pkg
    Tax Correspondence $70.00/hr
    Terminate Employee $25.00 ea
    Training for QuickBooks $45.00/hr
    Tune-up QuickBooks $70.00/hr
    Prepare W2/W3 $15.00 ea

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